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Below are just some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us for any other questions or concerns.

  • Can you assist us with the design and functionality of a product?

    Our highly talented design team can assist you in generating the art necessary for development of an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional custom product for your particular needs.

  • Does the tooling become our property once completed?

    Once our customer has paid for the custom die, it becomes the property of that customer.  We store all dies within our warehouse for ease of reordering. However, at the customer’s expense, we can ship the dies to their facility upon request.


  • What is the minimum run when casting?

    Although this number can vary, for the majority of the products we make, the MOQ is 5,000 units. This can vary, depending on size and design of the item we are producing. Call us for further information.

  • What type of metal is used?

    We utilize Zamak #3, a zinc/aluminum alloy, for all of our production. This alloy has proven to be the most receptive to the various finishes required by our customers, as well as, having the desired qualities of being lead/cadmium-free and non-rust forming characteristics.

  • Do you offer tours of your facility?

    Since we are a custom manufacturer, we do not typically allow factory visits. We try to protect our customers’ designs and manufacturing source. However, this is something that can be negotiated if necessary for becoming certified with a major company or organization requiring a physical plant tour.

  • How long does your complete process take from start to finish?

    Normally, we need 6-8 weeks from the time a design has been approved by the customer, to the end of production (depending on size of production order).

  • Will you drop-ship to our clients with our company label?

    We do drop-shipments for our customers. If required to drop ship to more than three addresses, a small fee per address will be assessed.

  • What are your deposit and payment terms?

    There is no charge or deposit necessary for the development phase of the process. However, upon approval of actual samples, the die/tooling charge will be invoiced at that time. Our terms are 1/10; net /30.

  • Is there a discount for additional runs once the tool has been created?

    There are no discounts on re-orders. However, if the quantity for the re-order changes considerably from the initial order, a new price may be negotiated.


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